The financial repercussions of catastrophic injury are far-reaching. Earning power is diminished, if not demolished altogether.

The Rugby Foundation only covers costs that ACC cannot.   

In 1987, The Foundation received a generous one million dollar donation from Goodman Fielder Watties on the provisio that the grant would never be deleted. New Zealand Rugby (then NZRFU) donated a further one million dollars in 2000, again with the caveat that only the interest would be drawn upon. 

Today we operate a strong strategic directive to future-proof The Foundation by continuing to grow the capital fund and operate only off it's investment interest and dividends. We are responsible stewards of our capital fund and with advice from JB Were manage those finances diligently and with sustainably. Year end 2021 fund value was $6.2m.

New Zealand Rugby provides us an annual grant to assist with operational costs, and we rely on community and gaming funding, event fundraising, and supporter donations to provide support for injured player needs and project delivery.

In 2022, we launched an exciting fundraising platform named The Pettigrew Giving Circle aimed at increasing impact through collaborative donorgiving. 

We appreciate every dollar gifted to the Foundation and, as a lean operation, strive to make that money count.We are proud of our strategic approach to carefully growing the Foundation’s investments.