The circumstances surrounding of each of our seriously injured players are unique, yet they each share a common attitude of inspiration and achievement. We have developed five Priority Funds that, with your support, will enable us to provide the very highest quality of life for our seriously injured players:

Career & Education Fund

By donating towards this fund, you enable seriously injured players and their significant others and children to achieve an education they might otherwise not be able to attain due to the financial limitations of a family caring for a seriously injured player.

Wellbeing & Whānau Support Fund

By donating to this fund, you are supporting initiatives that will improve the emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing of seriously injured players and their whānau, which they may otherwise be unable to access.

Physical Development & Equipment Fund

The seriously injured players we support have suffered lifelong and debilitating injuries, but your donation to this fund will enable us to provide the specialised mobility equipment and adaptive devices that will allow them to ride a bike, play basketball and pass the footie ball again.

Home & Garden Maintenance Fund

Maintaining a tidy and attractive yard is an intrinsic value for most kiwis. By donating to this fund you provide us with the means to take an additional burden from our seriously injured players and their families, while instilling the sense of pride a great looking garden and lawn produces.

Research Fund

The research projects we support are focused on safe and injury free participation in rugby and we have a particular interest in sports concussion and injury prevention. Concussion is the most common injury suffered at top-level rugby and studies show a clear link between repeated concussion and early-onset dementia, depression and other neurological diseases.

Your donation could help researchers to more fully understand concussive events in rugby and work towards potential solutions.

General Fund and Capital Fund

By donating to the General Fund, your gift provides us with the flexibility to respond where the need is greatest, whether this be to support our seriously injured players, to contribute to Prevention, Research and Education, or to our advocacy work on behalf of the rugby community.

By giving to the Capital Fund, you are helping protect and build capital which will provide a lasting legacy that our current and future injured players can always rely on. We are responsible stewards of our capital fund and with advice from JB Were manage those finances diligently and with sustainably.